Tuesday, September 25, 2012

What's on the Menu for today?

One of the things I enjoy about Hong Kong is that pretty much any time of  day you can find something to eat within easy walking distance. Coming home late a snack is within easy reach, like last night stuffed peppers.  CHILLI HOT fried peppers. Let's just add the positive spin that it was good training for my palate ahead of the upcoming Korea trip.

The 'Sea Urchin Ball', the 'Fried Intestines' and 'Burn Cowboy Bone' are for another day ;-)
I also have to smile that 'Health' and 'Fried' are tagged together in one menu item choice.

Another convenience is the array of vending machines with different things, even Umbrellas.
 Perfect for last night's sudden storm.

Oh, on a side note, J treated us to those gorgeous cupcakes I showed in yesterday's post :-)
 The carrot cake is still my favourite.

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