Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Teaching Award

On Tuesday 25th September I had the opportunity to go to J's university to see him receive a teaching award.  The candidates are nominated by students and colleagues for recognition of teaching methods and approaches above and beyond. Given there are over 500 teaching staff, and J was selected, I was very proud!!!  He received a metal plate with the award details engraved on it, and a magnificent bouquet of flowers that have this warm, buttery fragrance mixed with vanilla and sweet almond tones. 

My observations as a non-local were that Hong Kong has a higher level of formality with events like this than what I'm used to. Also a big deal is made of awards, which I think is nice but after living in Holland for so long I'm not used it; I would say the Dutch way is not to push anyone too far in front.

Some of my sketchy pictures from the event are below taken with my phone camera because I had left the battery of my proper camera, that I had dragged with me to the event, in the charger at home. Duh. I was feeling very sick though from a cold bug that had hit on Saturday, so I was just grateful I didn't look too red nosed.

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