Monday, September 10, 2012

Arriving in Hong Kong

After a 24 hour delay due to technical failures with my first flight, I am happy to have landed in Hong Kong safely.  The delay and waiting did give me a chance to fully slow down after a busy 2 weeks before; I have firmly concluded packing up a whole house and moving boxes into storage is not for sissies.

This was my second visit to Hong Kong and so the concept of the bustling city was not new.  Knowing what to expect this time I dived in head first and was pleasantly surprised to find that things were not as hectic, chaotic and stressful as my first visit. Now that I knew my way around my first week was very calm, comfortable and relaxed. Happy to be here!

When I arrived in HK I was impressed again at the HK airport efficiceny - train into centre of town leaving every 10mins, payment with a swipe of a transport card, no queues. And clean, cool, fast. GO HONG KONG!

The below sign is from around the area where I'm staying in Kowloon, right near the Airport Express station.

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