Thursday, July 18, 2013


Did anyone spontaneously catch up the LKF beerfest last weekend?  So.Much.Fun.
The fun part was going from stall to stall, trying the different beers (esp the craft beers) but then also looking at the 'deco' to match. Mostly beer girls of course, what else :-) We got a handful of fans, hats and other promo sheets.  Fans were the most appreciated considering the heat.
Whew it was waaay to hot for my liking.
OK, I was warned, the HK weather broadcast even issues a very hot warning, but somehow I thought my South African experience would make me immune, guess I wrong.
Oh and don't be alarmed by the interesting looking beer glasses, all the cool kids were drinking from them.


  1. Lovely photos Bron, looks like lots of fun.

  2. Hi Bronwyn, looks lovely! I am on my way to work in Hong Kong...all the way from South Africa. Look forward and would like to know how you experiece it. Love your blog! Elbi


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