Friday, September 21, 2012

Business Conference in Central

Today was invigorating! I attended a business conference with a few hundred people, including many high profile Hong Kong business people (HR director of Goldman Sachs, CEO of CityGroup etc), to discuss issues like leadership, career management and work-life balance. 

Good food for thought as well as a fabulous networking opportunity. Also I  got a glimpse into the Asian business culture. My impression is that flexible work arrangements are not as advanced compared to EU/US and also equal career opportunity for women with families are not as mature too. However I saw that the spirit of entrepreneurship and new business ventures are far richer in The East that what I have seen in Europe.

The conference was in Central and a little walk during lunch, one of the quieter times of the days, demonstrated again this city is always busy!

Friday evening was superb! J and I went to Elements malls and tried out three bars including the world's HIGHEST Hotel - The Ritz Carlton Hotel bar on the 118 floor.  

View from the top (foggy evening)

Lift button - reception on Level 103

Cocktail with ice frozen on the outside of the glass at the WOO Bar

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