Saturday, September 22, 2012

Mid Level Exploring

Saturday was a slow walk around Hong Kong Island from the Mid Levels through to Kennedy Town to explore and check out the areas and apartments. 

For those not familiar with Mid Levels, the first two pictures are from Wiki to set the scene:

Because of the steep roads up the hill, there are outdoor escalators to save pedestrians some effort getting around.

ADDED NOTE 25TH SEPT:  I found this article gave a good description of what has evolved in HK

Despite the land appearing to have reached capacity, there are still new apartments planned and some mid construction:

This was a picture on the wall of one of the real estate agents from 50 years ago, showing how flat Hong Kong was not that long ago.

Ladder Road (very steep road of stairs):

We wandered through Hong Kong University on Saturday and the following day around Polytech University on Kowloon side, thought I would mention them together.

Both universities were impressive - on the weekend they were buzzing with students, the coffee shops were open and the campus had ample space.  Also there were several little ponds and many benches in quiet locations, an oasis in the city and something to keep in mind next time I am looking for a spot to stop and reflect.

Lastly, Hong Kong is also about the

So a little feature of the Little Chicken Eggs - these remind of my the Dutch Poffetjes.

There are a LOT more local food items to feature, but more on that in later posts.

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