Monday, September 17, 2012

Local Sunday

Sunday morning was relaxed at home but by the afternoon I had gathered enough energy to try out a BodyPump class for the first time; at a gym I've signed a contract with so good that I start using it!

 The class was given in half Chinese half English. Fun, and different - biggest difference was the expectation around how much weight a girl can lift is MUCH lower in Hong Kong compared to The Netherlands.

My funny moment of the day was seeing the LIFT POLICE in action. They control the people who enter and exit the elevators, wearing white gloves and use hand signals like traffic police. People have to queue up and wait to get ushered forward by one of these lift police people on duty.

And Sunday ended with a visit to friends after church. We had a 'lekker' BBQ with enough food for three days, and ended with a dessert that is so yum I have to mention it here although it is not strictly Hong Kong. 
It is one of J's creations - Ameretto and Lady Finger biscuits on the bottom, layer of fresh figs, blue berries and strawberries and Mascapone cheese topping. YUM yum YUM.

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