Friday, September 21, 2012

City's Changing Shape

The one constant in Hong Kong is that it is continually in construction, endless building sites are part of the city's DNA and dodging of scafolding is a key skill walking around this city.

The picture for today is the contruction site near Kowloon station, the building of the High Speed Rail terminal. The yellow cranes in the pool of light brown sand remind me of giraffes in the savannah, standing tall and proud. Ok, perhaps I'm over selling it here since they are also dusty and the site is noisey, but hey this African girl can dream :-)


  1. I love seeing that you're blogging again. I will sign up so as not to miss a single post. Keep up the fabulous job.

    1. Hi Stef, thank you :-)
      Indeed seeing so many interesting things has inspired me to start again... so far so good with a post for every day, so don't forget to start from the beginning ;-)


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