Wednesday, October 10, 2012

20 Men to Dig a Hole

Hong Kong often surprises me that in many ways it is a modern, forward-looking city, but perhaps in even more ways it is crippled by bureaucracy and inefficiencies. There is a process for everything, a long elaborate process in many cases that involves filling in duplicate paperwork and stamps.  Take for example buying some cosmetics. Because I wanted the 'foreigners' discount (normal discount, not claiming tax back) I had to appear at three different desks to pay, sign four pieces of paper and finally go back to collect the goods.  No guessing this causes frustration for this just-get-it-done kinda person.

Although I have to say at times it does remind me of South Africa. For example today while heading  to the office in Kowloon I came across a group of 20 men digging in the same street with supervisors watching.  Though unlike South Africa, they all appeared to all be doing something, except the supervisors of course.

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