Monday, October 15, 2012

What good food should be like

So this post will be about Hong Kong Central and a little shout out for two good food/drink finds in Hong Kong Central.

Saturday afternoon Sweet Chai Latte at FUEL, Landmark Mall Basement was a real treat, perfectly made in the right proportions. Only criticism was the cup was not big enough. The mandarin poppy seed cake was ok, a bit dry but quickly overshadowed by the Latte.

Saturday evening dinner was a pleasant surprise at California Vintage, an unique dining idea where you can order a range of Tapas style dishes and pair them with a wide selection of wines.  The experience is interactive, wine sample selections are done using a 'charge card' system from stainless steel fine polished wine dispensers.  And the food is fresh, generous and good. I was so inspired by the Watermelon Cucumber soup that I have new motivation to try more WATERMELON in food combinations.

Saturday was a special day spent with my love, but a topic for another day. Pictures and impressions from Central on a Saturday are below.  In general I can say I am starting to feel a less lost, and a lot more happy and comfortable here, really enjoying the city in many ways.

Tourist signposts:

 Old stairs off Lyndhurst Terrace:

Markets stocked with Halloween Decorations:

Dogs spotted in 7-11: :-)

These stairs in Duddell street are special since they host the last remaining gas lamps in Hong Kong.

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  1. Wow, that sweet Chai latte sounded great.
    Lots of clourful photos.
    Big hugs and loves.


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