Friday, October 5, 2012

Getting back into the swing of things

After any holiday getting back to routine of work is tough, like now, even with the intrigue of a relatively new city to explore.  The past two days have been focused on reducing my pile of email and trying to get to gym, do some shopping and practice healthy cooking. The last three items seem non noteworthy except when I'm in Hong Kong they are tougher than reducing my inbox:
Shopping = some ingredients are really tough to find in HK, this week after 1hour of searching between multiple shops I gave up on the key ingredient;
Cooking = smaller kitchen than I'm used to means a real juggle so that it takes twice as long to prepare something with more than three ingredients;
Gym = the gym near the office that I planned to 'pop in during lunch time' proved to be such a hike and bustle that by the time I got there it was time to head back.

OK OK, I'll stop with the Princess Syndrome, of course I do realise that if this is all I have to mention the past two days then life is pretty good  :-) The key take away is that I have started to get under the hood of the practicalities and adjustments of life in HK.

The positive spin to my gripes above - putting together meals becomes a creative experience, I'm learning to use minimal number of ingredients in a meal, and gym becomes an outdoor rather than indoor experience.

South Korea has not left my memory just yet, and coming back I can't help but compare it to HK. I'm afraid to say Hong Kong doesn't shape up well.  In my humble opinion Hong Kong is dirtier, noisier, more air polluted, smellier, WAY more crowded and unpleasant to walk around, grubbier, less fresh and crisp, dustier, and did I mention crowded?  Apparently I still need to visit China, after which I'm told Hong Kong will feel like South Korea in comparison. I guess everything is relative.

In case you are wondering what I'm going on about, the below photo is a snap I took yesterday during NON rush hour, I left the apartment 11am, and my journey time was 1hour 15mins of this.

This is my new 'comfort food' -  Mango Papaya Milk - first thing I bought when I arrived back in HK - very yum.

PS Photos uploaded in previous entry on South Korea

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