Sunday, October 7, 2012

The mix of Hong Kong Life

Today I'll post for Friday and Saturday a few random items; it was a good mix of city and new territory experience and a chance to catch my breathe. 

Tram spotting in Central:

Paper Suites.   Yes these are suites made out of paper for the purpose of being burnt as offerings so that people's ancestors can receive the real possessions in the afterlife. You can buy practically anything in miniature form - cars, watches, bags, phones...

City of Wheels.   There are several creative forms of transporting goods around including these trolleys, baskets and bicycles.

And my special find today - the Esprit OUTLET shop with a 40% sale!

This afternoon it was a trip to Yeun Long to visit one of the housing estates near there.
we found a lake in the middle, peaceful even if it is man-made.

Taking a stroll with friends and their baby daughter.

And my favourite yummy food item for today is this Indonesian freshly made drink "Cendol" made with Tapioca, Coconut and Tandon leaves.

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