Thursday, October 11, 2012

Loving Hong Kong again

I'm happy to report that I'm back into the swing of things after the post holiday lull and enjoying life in Hong Kong again.  Maybe it's because I can walk normally again after Sunday's military style BodyPump. Or maybe it's because I finally have my bank account sorted out. Either way, the spirits are on the rise and this morning's excursions provided some great fodder for today's post.  In fact I'm so excited to share that I'm posting now even before the day is out.

First up, the customer service experience. I needed to return a long top that I had recently purchased, after trying it on with jeans I realised that my selection of size 'S' was probably a little ambitious. So back to the store it went, tag in place, confident I could get a refund after filling in the paperwork. The highlight of the experience came when I had to give a reason for the return.
My answer: " It does not fit properly."
With a sympathetic smile the lady nods and says, "Ah, you too FAT", and proceeds to write this down.
Now that I'm fitting a UK size 10 jeans comfortably I'm the furthest from fat I have been in a long time, but hey, it was a case of pick your battles, so I gratefully received a fist full of cash and walked out.

Second up, exploring a new area of Hong Kong. Today's pick was Whampoa, a great little neighbourhood overlooking Hong Kong Island, buzzing with mom and tots in strollers, parks, and fountains nestled in between the high rise buildings to offset the constructions sites and mini vans zipping about. My favourite part was the Whampoa Mall build as a SHIP, in memory that this area used to be a shipyard. How fun. Can I say real life Disneyland? The public transport doesn't work out well for the work locations so a no-go to live though.

Thirdly, while pacing it to the office in Kwun Tong, I stumbled upon a shoe outlet and there was a SALE. I managed to steal a pair of burgundy (wine red)  heels for just 100 HK dollars, original price 700 HK and I have seen the same shoes in central for 1200 HK dollars. The sweet taste of the saving is almost as good as wearing my new red heels!

And lastly, today's food item is the supermarket Tofu dessert Do Fu Fa. Only 8 HK dollars for 2, and 66 kcal for a tub, it is easy to satisfy my craving for this stuff, and somehow it has made it up there on my list of favourites with my papaya milk and egg tarts.  And speaking of egg tarts I think I have found my favourite bakery for them, but more on that next time.

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