Sunday, October 7, 2012

Harbour City and Food Nationalities

Harbour City is a mall on the harbour's edge Kowloon side where many tourists can be found arriving/departing, and as such there are many high end luxury shops catering for their shopping needs hoping to glean the last of their money.  Although I'm told that some Chinese mainland tourists go there directly just to shop,  even staying at the hotel in the mall, and indeed they seem to be the most frequent visitors. 

Today's window display winner goes to Louis Vuitton with the plastic polka dot look.

Today's strange sight was seeing a bride and groom waiting in line for the elevator in another mall. Many couples have their photos taken before the wedding in remote or unusual locations, so perhaps they were heading to the top of the building for a backdrop of Hong Kong island.

And finally, today's yummy food choice is our shopping bag! 

We visited four different grocery stores today (Great, City Super, Market Place, Welcome) and found we had a variety of nationalities represented looking at the imported foods we had bought.  For fun we decided to count and totalled 26 countries and 6 continents in one go! Wahoo! [ Perhaps less of a wahoo when global warming is considered but for today we will say wahoo. ]

The photo below shows a selection:

  1. British - soup, cereal, peanut butter
  2. Scotland - Highland Game soup
  3. Koren - Cabbage Kimchi
  4. New Zealand - Boysenberrry jam, Soups
  5. USA - chocolate chip cookies
  6. French - St Marcellin cheese, Goats Cheese
  7. Taiwan - Beef Jerky
  8. Italy - Ameretto biscuits, Lady Finger biscuits, Pasta, Mascopone
  9. Japan - Soba noodles
  10. Hong Kong - Humus, Do Fu Fa (made by Nestle - Swiss brand)
  11. Thailand - 5 type rice, Okra
  12. Mexico - tomatoes
  13. Australia - Water Thin Crackers
  14. Singapore - Plain yoghurt
  15. Turkey - figs

Not shown in the picture since they were packed away already:

16. Dutch - Cucumber and Chicken
17. Philippines - bananas
18. China - Tropicana Orange Juice (USA brand), yams, 
19. Greece - Olives
20. Belgium - Leffe Beer
21. Kenya - coffee beans
22. Ceylon - tea
23. German - honey
24. Vietnam - cashew nuts
25. South Africa - couscous
26. Peru - avocado

Repeat countries:
USA - Salad mid, Carrots
French - Norwegian Salmon
Korea - Hot Jam Tea
Australia- Spice Sauce
New Zealand - Sea Salt
Mexico - Corona beer
Unknown - nectarines, kiwi, apples, blueberries

WHAT IS MISSING? Canada! We have bought fruits and other products from CA before but just not today.

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