Thursday, July 18, 2013

The Wedding

I thought I would briefly share that the wedding in Connecticut was everything I hoped it to be and more. It was a PERFECT day, weather warm but not hot, limited wind, no rain. And there were no last minute emergencies nor stresses. The group size was just right, an intimate gathering like we wanted.  Both venues were amazing, like from a story book. And the best part (besides marrying the Love of my Life of course) is that despite some scares about my DRESS not fitting at the last minute it fitted perfectly on the day and felt just right.

People are now asking how is married life going. Practically it is not that different besides not having to discuss wedding plans (for the USA wedding) and thinking more about moving logistics for next month, but on an emotional level it does feel different, nicer, life is just better and there is this warm tingling feeling deep in my heart. xxx


  1. Your wedding was a fairytale, Bron and we loved every moment. I love all your photos.


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