Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Wedding Fever

What's been filling my mind the past week?  WEDDING PLANNING! Wow, there is a serious business in this thing called a wedding and Hong Kong is no exception. In fact I would say they take it to the next level far more than I have ever seen it in South Africa or Holland.

There are wedding centres where all vendors collect and provide an easy place to shop for what you want - dresses (multiple), photographers, shoes, decorations, invitations. There is no ceasing. What I have discovered is that most brides hire a wedding dress from a package, which may or may not include a separate day for photos. If not, the the wedding photographer will hire out dresses.

But I am going with the simple approach of one wedding dress custom made. No frills and bows, quite simple and elegant. The chinese folk don't really understand me and want to get involved to help to dress it up. But for a simple wedding with around 40 people I don't need to be pimped out.

Another thing which is quite unique are the photoshoots before the wedding in their wedding dresses.  Beautiful photos but not quite my thing. However I am dragging J on a casual engagement shoot around Hong Kong just because ;-)


  1. Looking forward to seeing more of HK through your eyes and trusting that all your plans make your special day perfection. You deserve it.

  2. Interesting reading about Wedding Planning in Hong Kong, Bron.


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