Saturday, December 1, 2012

Races and Farewell

On Wednesday we FINALLY made it to The Races in Happy Valley. Apparently this is the thing to do in Hong Kong and sure enough there was a large crowd.  The announcements were divided into language sections, which meant the English language area was an expat magnet. It was funny for me to see so many expats at one gathering in Hong Kong after living in Kowloon, it felt like being in London.  =P

The beer and atmosphere were excellent, and in summary it is totally worth going for a fun Wednesday evening out.  But rather eat before unless you are the betting kind, in which case the odds are not in your favour you'll be scoring with the food.

And the BIG NEWS of the week is that on SUNDAY 25th November J proposed and I said Yes!!
We are ENGAGED! =D  Here is a photo of us at the Races 3 days later.

Sadly this is my last night in Hong Kong this year, tomorrow I fly back to Holland for work and then we take a wonderful vacation in South Africa with my family.  But I will return to Hong Kong! Next year starts a new chapter in our lives together and I can't wait.

The journey of discovering this city has been an elaborate and vibrant one, and in the end I can honestly say I like it here. J did propose at the right time since I will admit I had my doubts earlier this year about whether I could really live here. But through writing this blog and opening myself up to new things, I can see that Hong Kong has a lot to offer and I like to think of it as a prism - depending on what light you shine on it, you'll see different colour beams shining though.

This ends my formal blog quest of writing during my three months stay in Hong Kong.  No doubt I'll drop a few nougats of information in the future as I haven't quite covered all ground just yet, but until then, FAREWELL.


  1. Thanks Bron, Dad and I enjoyed reading your Blog. Your photos are so wonderful. Thinking of you on your last night in Hong Kong this year.
    This comes to say a HUGE Congratulations to you and James on your Engagement, we are so thrilled for you. You had the date of Sunday 24 November on your Blog as your Engagement date, do you mean Sunday 25 November?
    This night at the races sounded like a fun event.

    1. Yes, it should have read Sunday 25th November, good spot, I've updated now :-)

  2. Congratulations on your engagement! Wait a minute. You're not going to write your blog any more? What about, "Goodbye Hong Kong, Hello Holland?" Too bad, I liked your posts.

    1. Thank you!!
      I'm just returning to Holland until 20 Jan then I'm back in Hong Kong.
      So I'm very excited I get to move to Hong Kong! :-)
      We are planning a wedding in Feb so time tight to write but I do plan to write more after things settled down ;-)


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